Alcohol puts you on the highway to hell.

Alcohol Is the Fast Path Toward Self-Destruction

Neil Kollipara


Drinking alcohol is not good for you, no matter how often you drink it, how much you drink, or who you drink it with.

Alcohol is, by chemical composition, poison to the body.

Continue to drink, continue to destroy.

It’s that simple.

It destroys your mental health.

The more you drink, the more anxiety you’ll experience.

There are numerous studies that prove it — all you need to do is a quick Google search to find a few of them.

When you think about the fact that drinking alcohol is introducing poison to the body, it’s no surprise it destroys your mental health.

Both your body and your mind are intelligent… they understand alcohol entering your bloodstream is NOT GOOD.

If you’ve ever experienced compromised mental health and you’re wondering what you can do to improve it, look at your alcohol intake.

And if you are a chronic user of alcohol (i.e. more than two drinks per week), consider scaling back for a while to see if your mental health improves.

It destroys your judgement.



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