Alex Hormozi’s Morning Routine

This entrepreneurial genius has an incredibly powerful morning routine you won’t wanna overlook.

Neil Kollipara


Alex Hormozi has a simple and effective morning routine.

Go on YouTube and search “morning routine” and you’ll see all kinds of hyper-productive people who talk about morning journaling, meditation, affirmations, cold plunges, sauna, and three-hour walks.

I find it difficult to believe anyone preaching some kind of long-winded morning routine is capable of accomplishing a whole lot… but that’s just my opinion. I’m naturally a skeptic.

But I’m also realistic. There are only so many hours in the day… and only so many hours in the morning.

I’ve got a wife, two kids, a full-time job, and a personal brand I’m trying to build, so recently, I set out to find a near-perfect morning routine.

I was happy to see Alex Hormozi talks about his morning routine, and when I heard it, I thought it was genius.

Here it is:

Step One: Wake Up

Surprise, surprise. The first thing Alex does in the morning? He wakes up. He gets his butt out of bed because that’s just what high-performers do.

Alex usually wakes up between 4am and 5am.



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