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The Dark Side of High Technology Nobody’s Talking About

Neil Kollipara


It came with almost no warning.

We all knew the world was headed in this direction…

But could anyone have guessed we would go from dial-up internet to broadband… over the span of only a few years?

If you would’ve told people in the 90’s, “Hey, almost every public establishment will have free wifi by the year 2016!” they’d probably laugh at you!

All of these advances in widespread connectivity happened very quickly.

Human evolution, on the other hand, happens very slowly.

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that high tech has some massive downsides.

Today, I want to explore some of those downsides, and I also want to explore some practical solutions each of us can take to avoid being sucked into the black hole of high tech.

High tech has made us impatient creatures who have a tough time settling for anything less than instant gratification

My theory is this: There’s a positive correlation between processor speed and human impatience.

At one point in time, you’d have to wait for weeks to receive a letter from a loved one who lived across…



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